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Celebrating 80 Years of selling African fabrics.

Celebrating 80 Years of selling African fabrics.

Today is Jansen Naninck birthday. As explains, on this day in 1935, Johannes Jansen, a trader from the Netherlands, established a business.

Jansen Naninck has been in business since 1935. Since then, they have built a name of having better quality African fabrics with a better selection than other fabric sellers worldwide. 

In 1935 J.C. Jansen established the firm Jansen Naninck. He was married to C.M.A. Naninck there fore he named his newly established firm Jansen Naninck. His first big deal was made with the colourful wax block prints that were especially made for Africa . From this first success on, Jansen Naninck has been successful in trading all kinds of fabrics for the fashion and decoration market.

Today we are three generations further and Jansen Naninck is still loyal to the wax print that started their success. Nowadays we are even producing wax print by our own name and label. Also Jansen Naninck is the dealer for the most important textile manufacturers for the West African market: Julius-Jansen wax, Lace Swiss LA , Getzner, Damask headtie

This results in a wide range of products available at Jansen Naninck nowadays; wax block prints, java print, laces, head ties and damask.

In 2015 they started trading online.